Modular workshops

What are they?
An extremely versatile building that is prefabricated in our workshop and delivered directly to site to suit each and every customer’s requirement. A complete turn-key manufacturing system.

How big can you make them?
Sizes range up to 24ft long x 12ft wide and 10ft high (we can also make larger buildings on-site).

What are they used for?
A wide range of applications! From fitness studios to sewing rooms and workshops, they have endless uses!

Why choose us?
From concept to reality we take the stress out of what could be a complex project through our industry knowledge and reputation. As specialists in Outbuildings, we’ve really done the leg work, we’re committed to meeting your needs, from pre-construction through post-construction. We’ve been doing it for a long time, and over the years we’ve developed a comprehensive system to match any outbuilding and structural challenge. With focused project planning, analysis of your space and materials, and attention to your budget, we’ll engineer a timeline that delivers your building exactly when and how you want it.

No matter where you are in the pre-construction process, our professional team are waiting to help transform your concept into a reality.

Please note: If you would like a quotation, in order for us to price accurately please include as much specifics as possible, these should include:

  • Is the site accessible by lorry?
  • Are there any overhead or under ground power cables or water pipes etc running through the site?
  • Will the site require clearing and/or levelling?
  • Will you require a stone or concrete base?
  • Size of building- length x deep x height to eaves (this will be the clearance height into the building)
  • Cladding requirements and to which elevations of the building?
  • Will you require any clear roof lights, gates, windows or doors etc?

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